GLAS Animation’s mission is to cultivate and promote the art and science of animation through education.


GLAS Animation (GLobal Animation Syndicate) is a non-profit organization run by animators for animators.

GLAS Animation headquarters is located in Los Angeles, California. While GLAS Animation Festival is located in Berkeley, California GLAS engages in regular special programming and events in Los Angeles.



GLAS Animation Festival takes place March 22-25, 2017 in the historic city of Berkeley, California, just a quick ride away from San Francisco. We are introducing new ideas and expanding the scope of animation by bringing new voices, new talents, new themes, and a new generation of independent filmmakers and curators to the United States. We highlight fresh voices in independent animation while curating special programs of the most significant periods of animation history that serve as an inspiration for contemporary animators.

At GLAS Animation Festival we have a complete short film competition program as well as retrospectives, special curated programs, Q&As, behind the scene screenings and panels, animation installations and more. GLAS Animation Festival unites the animation community with the Berkeley and Bay Area community, sharing great and unique animated works from around the world.

Our primary goal is to broaden and redefine the perception of animation in the US, moving it away from its current association as a commercial genre exclusively for family audiences to being considered as a serious art form with no boundaries, and worthy of serious attention. 

We believe in the power of a festival as a great context to view films and an instigator for building communities and relationships. At GLAS Animation Festival we collaborate with businesses, venues, organizations, institutions, schools, universities, and the city to fully maximize the engagement on a state, local, and national level.



GLAS aims to fund gifted, innovative, and innovative animation across the country. GLAS enables independent animators to realize their visions by providing grants. We believe it is essential to provide independent animators with the resources to pursue their art, and in turn, advance not only the animation medium, but the film community and general public as a whole. Animation is a limitless and evolving medium and we aim to allow filmmakers to truly expand the scope of animation.



GLAS Animation Magazine is an online magazine dedicated to animation and discourse. A place for animators to speak freely about interesting subjects related to the world of animation as well as provide useful tips and information for both professional and aspiring animators. GLAS Animation Magazine invites animators and animation advocates to  GLAS Animation Magazine also features a shorts blog where we curate an online selection of films from around the world for people to see.



GLAS Animation is a registered 501(c)3 California Nonprofit Corporation and all donations are tax deductible. Proceeds go toward the GLAS Animation Festival and expanding GLAS Animation as an institution that helps independent filmmakers.