GLAS Animation Festival 2018 Signal Film from GLAS Animation on Vimeo.



GLAS Animation Festival takes place March 22-25, 2018 in the historic city of Berkeley, California, just a quick ride away from San Francisco. GLAS introduces new ideas and expands the scope of animation by bringing new voices, new talents, new themes, and a new generation of independent filmmakers and curators to the United States. We highlight fresh voices in independent animation while curating special programs of the most significant periods of animation history that serve as an inspiration for contemporary animators.

Our primary goal is to broaden and redefine the perception of animation in the US, moving it away from its current association as a commercial genre exclusively for family audiences to being considered as a serious art form with no boundaries, and worthy of serious attention.

At GLAS Animation Festival we have a complete competition program featuring the most exciting short films from around the world. We also feature retrospectives, special curated programs, guest curators, feature films, Q&As, behind the scene screenings and panels, as well as animation installations and performances.

The festival takes place at six venues including Landmark Shattuck Cinemas, California Theater, Hotel Shattuck Plaza, David Brower Center, East Bay Media Center, Berkeley Art Center, and Berkeley Public Library, all within walking distance in the heart of Downtown Berkeley.

We believe in the power of a festival as a great context to view films and an instigator for building communities and relationships. At GLAS Animation Festival we collaborate with businesses, venues, organizations, institutions, schools, universities, and the city to fully maximize the engagement on a state, local, and national level.