Below is the Schedule for the 2017 GLAS Animation Festival. Tickets will be available for purchase online soon. Please check back in the coming days for updates.

For Passholders, your festival pass will allow entrance to all screenings, panels, talks, installations, and parties the festival has to offer. Please note that for all screenings, panels, and talks, it is necessary to acquire a ticket from our ticketing booths.

Thursday, March 2nd

11:00AGhosting TV 100% REAL. AR and VR demos, drinks, and swagEast Bay Media CenterPassholders Only
1:00PInternational Showcase 1Shattuck Cinemas$12
1:00PUS CompetitionShattuck Cinemas$12
3:00PSensual AnimationShattuck Cinemas$12
3:00PShorts Competition 1 Q&AShattuck Cinemas$12
5:00PGhosting TV 100% REAL. AR and VR demos, drinks, and swagEast Bay Media CenterPassholders Only
5:00PLei Lei Retrospective Q&AShattuck Cinemas$12
5:00PMind Game Q&A with Masaaki YuasaShattuck Cinemas$15
7:00PBelgian AnimationShattuck Cinemas$12
7:30PShorts Competition 2 Q&A - Welcome CeremonyCalifornia Theater$12
9:15PEarmarked for Collision: Animated DefianceShattuck Cinemas$12
9:00PThe IncrediblesShattuck Cinemas$12
9:30POpening Night Party - Presented by Open the PortalHotel Shattuck PlazaPassholders Only
10:30PPost-Sincerity in AnimationShattuck Cinemas$12
10:30PThe Iron GiantShattuck Cinemas$12


Friday, March 3rd

10:00AAmy Lockhart Retrospective Q&ADavid Brower Center$12
11:00ANickelodeon: Gettin’ the Perfect GigEast Bay Media Center$0
11:30APeter Burr Retrospective Q&ADavid Brower Center$12
1:00PLandscapes & ArchitectureShattuck Cinemas$12
1:00PChildren's CompetitionShattuck Cinemas$12
1:15PA Conversation with Masaaki YuasaDavid Brower Center$25
3:00PPre-Code Cartoons: Hollywood Cartoons of Early 1930Shattuck Cinemas$12
3:00PShorts Competition 3 &AShattuck Cinemas$12
5:00PSensual AnimationShattuck Cinemas$12
5:00PGeorges Schwizgebel RetrospectiveShattuck Cinemas$12
7:00PMathieu Labaye Retrospective Q&AShattuck Cinemas$12
7:00PShorts Competition 4 Q&AShattuck Cinemas$12
8:30PCartoon Network Party - Passholders OnlyDavid Brower CenterPassholders Only
9:00PShorts Competition 5Shattuck Cinemas$12
9:00PLate Night Work Club Q&AShattuck Cinemas$8
10:30PInternational Showcase 2Shattuck Cinemas$12


Saturday, March 4th

10:00AAna Ramirez + Madeline Sharafian WorkshopBerkeley Public LibraryFree
10:00ALei Lei Retrospective Q&ADavid Brower Center$12
11:30ACN Shorts: Channeling Identity Q&ADavid Brower Center$0
1:00PInternational Showcase 1Shattuck Cinemas$12
1:00PGeorges Schwizgebel RetrospectiveShattuck Cinemas$12
1:15PEarmarked for Collision: Animated DefianceDavid Brower Center$12
3:00PGeorges Schwizgebel Reception hosted by the Consulate General of Switzerland - San FranciscoHotel Shattuck PlazaPassholders Only
3:00PUS CompetitionShattuck Cinemas$12
3:00PThe Iron GiantShattuck Cinemas$12
5:00PPeter Burr Retrospective Q&AShattuck Cinemas$12
5:00PNickelodeon's Networking MixerDavid Brower CenterBy Invitation Only
5:00PThe IncrediblesShattuck Cinemas$20
7:00PShorts Competition 2 Q&AShattuck Cinemas$12
7:00PShorts Competition 5 Q&AShattuck Cinemas$12
8:30PE X PartyDavid Brower CenterPassholders Only
9:00PShorts Competition 1 Shattuck Cinemas$12
9:00PMission Impossible: Ghost ProtocolShattuck Cinemas$12
10:30PLandscapes and ArchitectureShattuck Cinemas$12


Sunday, March 5th

10:00APre-Code Cartoons: Hollywood Cartoons of the Early 1930s David Brower Center$12
11:30AMathieu Labaye Retrospective Q&ADavid Brower Center$12
1:15PA Conversation With Brad BirdDavid Brower Center$25
1:00PChildren's CompetitionShattuck Cinemas$12
1:00PShorts Competition 3 Q&AShattuck Cinemas$8
3:00PPost-SincerityShattuck Cinemas$12
3:00PMind Game Q&A with Masaaki YuasaShattuck Cinemas$12
3:00PReception for Brad Bird Hotel Shattuck PlazaPassholders Only
5:00PAmy Lockhart Retrospective Q&AShattuck Cinemas$12
5:00PLate Night Work Club: Strangers Q&AShattuck Cinemas$8
7:00PShorts Competition 4 Q&AShattuck Cinemas$12
7:30PAwards Ceremony Shattuck CinemasPassholders Only
9:00PInternational Showcase 2Shattuck Cinemas$12
9:00PBest of GLAS 2017Shattuck Cinemas$12
9:00PClosing Night Party Hotel Shattuck PlazaPassholders Only
10:30PThe IncrediblesShattuck Cinemas$12
10:30PBelgian AnimationShattuck Cinemas$12