After receiving over 1300 submissions we are pleased to announce the Official Competition Selections for the 2017 GLAS Animation Festival. Categories include Narrative, Non-Narrative, Graduate, Undergraduate, and Commissioned Shorts. We are also pleased the selections for Children’s Competition, US Competition, and International Showcase screenings.

Sredi_chernyh_voln_dir._Anna_Budanova_300Among The Black Waves
by Anna Budanova
"Story based on north ancient legend in which souls of drowned peoples turned on into sea animals.
Hunter steals seal- girl skin and she can’t turn back into an animal. She became his wife, but more often glancing at the sea."
Narrative Competition
The_empty_300THE EMPTY
by Dahee Jeong
"In the woman’s room, memories constantly accumulate and disappear like dust. The man spends his time in this room creating futile little games with woman’s memories."Narrative Competition
by Reka Bucsi
LOVE is a short film describing affection in 3 different chapters, through an impact on a distant solar system.Narrative Competition
Shen Jie
One of the three monkeys died.Narrative Competition
Tomasz Popakul
Pair of astronauts trapped on orbital space station.Narrative Competition
Phil Mulloy
After a tough week at the office, Richard and George like to play war games over the weekend to relax. The dispassionate atmosphere and minimalist style with which the growing brutality is handled slowly wipes the smile from your face, before making sure that it doesn’t return.Narrative Competition
THE_FUTURE_300The Future
Greg Sharp
World Premiere
All men are desperate crabs.Narrative Competition
JungleTaxi_still_300Jungle Taxi
Hakhyun Kim
US Premiere
The taxi driver picks up an unwelcome fare in the jungle. He does as he's told and takes his customer to fetch the man close to death on the beach.Narrative Competition
Sore Eyes_300Sore Eyes for Infinity
Elli Vuorinen
An optician grows tired of seeing the world too clearly and her inevitable involvement in its defects.Narrative Competition
Spela Cadez
A badger lies motionless on a local road. A police patrol approaches the body in the dark. They soon realise that the animal is not dead; the badger is dead drunk! When the police attempt to drag the creature off the road, he wakes up and things take a strange turn.Narrative Competition
Impossible_Figures_300Impossible Figures
Marta Pajek
US Premiere
The protagonist of the film is a woman who trips and falls, while rushing around the house. She gets up, only to discover, that her home has unusual features – it is built from paradoxes, filled with illusions and covered with patterns.Narrative Competition
Before_Love_300Before Love
Igor Kovalyov
Questions solitude, misunderstanding and disunity in our life. The title suggests that everything happening to the characters is not a true love yet. Human shortcomings tie the dramatic knot of the story. Everybody finds his way to be unhappy. Everybody is looking for love.Narrative Competition
High_Summer_300High Summer
Josselin Facon
A troubling moment in the balminess of a summer in the countryside. While gardening, a young man sees his mother as a women for the first time.Narrative Competition
Deer_Flower_300Deer Flower
Kangmin Kim
"In the summer of 1992, Dujung, an elementary student, goes to a farm in the suburbs with his parents.
While his parents believe the expensive and rare specialty from the farm will strengthen their son’s body, Dujung suffers side effects."
Narrative Competition
TheBaldFuture_Image_300The Bald Future
Paul Cabon
"Being a bald man sucks.
Knowing you'll become one is worse."
Narrative Competition
Et Ta Prostate_300Et Ta Prostate, Ca Va?
Cécile Rousset
A discussion between 2 friends where one tells the other about the very strange time when, next to the swimming-pool, she learnt about her father’s prostate, the state of his erectile function, then, with no warning, his night-time fantasies.Narrative Competition
Datum_Point_300Datum Point
Ryo Orikasa
"Yoshiro Ishihara (1915–1977), who burst upon the scene of Japanese modern poetry in the mid-1950s, is now remembered as a “poet of silence.”
He said “A poem is an impulse to resist writing.”
This film is an attempt to seek out the landscape from his poem."
Non-Narrative Competition
Amy_Road_300Any Road
Boris Labbé
US Premiere
"""- so long as I get SOMEWHERE,"" Alice added as an explanation.
(Lewis Carroll, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland)"
Non-Narrative Competition
Boris Labbé
North American Premiere
A trip towards abstraction, as an hypothesis on how mountains might have been formed. Non-Narrative Competition
Ted Wiggin
We must protect this house.Non-Narrative Competition
Manhole_Cover_While_walking_300Manhole Cover While Walking
Ryoya Usuha
Open a manhole cover while walkingNon-Narrative Competition
TheRelectionOfPower_300The Reflection of Power
Mihai Grecu
US Premiere
In the most secret capital of the world a crowd attends a show while a disaster threatens the whole city...Non-Narrative Competition
Six_God_Peter_300Six God Alphabet Peter
Peter Millard
"please wake up peter.please wake need to learn your alphabet now peter.
Non-Narrative Competition
Slow_WaveSlow Wave
Andy Kennedy
Sleep disturbances from outside and within.Non-Narrative Competition
JeudePaume_300Jeu de Paume
Joshua Mosley
Jeu de Paume depicts a court tennis match at the Château de Fontainebleau, France, set in 1907. The stop-motion animation, filmed with a robotic hand-held camera, reflects the asymmetrical court and the irregular rhythm of the game.Non-Narrative Competetion
The Estate
Ronny Trocker
"On a sunny Mediterranean beach, time seems to be frozen. An utterly exhausted black man crawls painfully off the sand while around him the holiday-makers seem not to notice him.
Freely inspired by a photo taken by Juan Medina on the Spanish beach of Gran Tarajal in 2006."
Non-Narrative Competition
Simon Gerbaud
France/ Mexico
This animation explores everyday objects using the deconstruction. The title combines two verbs in spanish: to know (saber) and to see (ver).Non-Narrative Competition
Parallel Studio
UnsatisfyingNon-Narrative Competition
Red_ofthe_yew_tree_300Red of the Yew Tree
Marie-Hélène Turcotte
US Premiere
Red of the Yew Tree is the crossing of a feminine and universal imagination, an odyssey inked in fine point. A pheasant hunt is the occasion of a voyage that is at once delicate and mightily evocative, under the breath of maternal love and the transmission of a shared feminine condition. It is a vast intimate adventure unfolds, as equivocal as it is precise, through an intuitive hunt and a recovered collective memory.Non-Narrative Competition
Mess_300The Mess
Peter Burr
A journey to the threshold of a utopian labyrinth. We follow the perspective of a solitary woman who descends into an abandoned subterranean arcology. She is tasked with cleaning up the mess that has spawned from this feral structure, becoming lost in the process.Non-Narrative Competition
Isabelle Aspin
A radio journalist investigates the water shortage in Tulare County, California.Undergraduate Competition
Jennifer Zheng
"Some things can only be understood with maturity.
New light is shed on childhood cultural misunderstandings when a Chinese mother and her British born daughter speak as adults for the first time."
Undergraduate Competition
Conner Griffith
Cars dance on highways, crowds of people wash across a sidewalk shore.Undergraduate Competition
Raffaele Gans-Pfister
North American Premiere
in out inUndergraduate Competition
Big_Surf_300Big Surf
Brian Smee
World Premiere
March 12, 1928: Granny's prayers go to San Francisquito Valley.Undergraduate Competition
Talking_Cure300Talking Cure
Felipe Di Poi
North American Premiere
Undergraduate Competition
William Laboury
They told me : "You have a gift, Martha. Down here, your gift is useless. So we're gonna show you the most beautiful things. You're gonna have more memories than everyone else. And then, you will sleep. You won't wake up. But you will carry the most precious memories from Earth."Graduate Competition
Josh Shaffner
World Premiere
A portrayal of the Los Angeles service industry.Graduate Competition
HowAreYouToday_300How are you today?
Sophie Marka
In a fucked up world, two opposite characters meet.Graduate Competition
Eri Okazaki
North American Premiere
Two enormous creatures count down the end of a day, food is served as it was the day before. Children feed their goat as usual, feeling uneasy about their own daily life.Graduate Competition
What_They_Believe_300What They Believe
Shoko Hara
collected anecdotes of ambiguous love and hopeGraduate Competition
Hot Dog Hands_300Hot Dog Hands
Matt Reynolds
World Premiere
This woman can't stop growing fingers.Graduate Competition
GardenParty_300Garden Party
Florian Babikian
"In a deserted rich house, a couple of amphibians explore their surroundings and follow their primal instincts.Graduate Competition
TheLastJob_still_300Last Job on Earth
Moth Collective
Meet Alice, holder of the last recognisable job on Earth, trying to make sense of her role in an automated world.Commissioned Competition
Spectacle_still_300Spectacle of the Real
David Blaine approached us to make an animated intro to his upcoming special, a palette cleanser to get people ready for a bumpy night. Inspired by David’s mind-bending magic and Paul Auster penned script, we crafted a hero’s journey of sorts, a psychedelic trip into the spectacle of the real.Commissioned Competition
Charles Huettner & Joe Bennett
Two survivors of a botched mission to establish a human settlement on a new planet go through great lengths just to get a taste of what they left behind. Commissioned Competition
David Chontos
Part exercise of passion, and part love letter, ‘Sisters’ is a fragment of some lost, tragic opera. Trapped in the ruins of their former glory, a pair of performers bound together and abandoned by time rise up to sing once more. Conjured up by the song to which it’s set, the film represents a sincere vision of inspiration derived from the music of Karin Dreijer Andersson (Fever Ray). It is the confluence of a variety of abstract concepts, from the fragility of modern technology, to the cruelty of the passage of time. The movement of the characters references legendary contemporary choreographer, Martha Graham; transposing an exercise in human restraint and lamentation onto mechanical beings.Commissioned Competition
Flight_Attendant_300Flight Attendant
Mattis Dovier
"Official music video for ""Flight Attendant"" by XXX
Commissioned Competition
Johnny_Bubble_300Johnny Bubble
Alan Resnick
Johnny Bubble is a fictional creature who has lived a long and happy life with a beautiful family and strong ties to the community.Commissioned Competition
CHARLES_X_CAN_YOU_DO_IT_300Charles X - Can You Do It
This clip is a beautiful merge of the typically highbrow sport of horse racing with the commonly misrepresented “mean streets” of Pacoima, the proud birthplace of Charles X. It challenges any stereotypes or preconceptions of race and social class which may exist in modern day society.Commissioned Competition
Another_Love_300Another Love
Najeeb Tarazi & Michael Langan
Shot on 3D scanners in the comfort of a living room, "Another Love" transports sixteen dancers, a fertility goddess, and a host of sock puppets to a virtual ocean paradise inspired by 64-bit video games of the mid 90s. Filmed on software written by the directors, "Another Love" is a foray into the emerging field of holography.Commissioned Competition
Run_the_Jewels_300Run The Jewels - Meowpurddy
"Official music video for ""Meowpurrdy"" from the Meow The Jewels album by Run The Jewels. Featuring Lil Bub, Maceo, and Delonte.
Commissioned Competition
Lili Carré
Jill explores the idea of the rebellious cartoon body.US Competition
Batfish_300Batfish Soup
Amanda Bonaiuto
Wacky relatives give way to mounting tensions with broken dolls, boiling stew and a bang.US Competition
Itching_300The Itching
Dianne Bellino
In this handmade collaboration, a shy wolf tries to connect with a group of hip, party-loving bunnies, but finds her body in revolt.US Competition
VIDEO69_PICTURE_300Video 69
Ingo Raschka
North American Premiere
A young man watches a movie, alone.US Competition
Ship of Fools_300Ship of Fools
Josh Shaffner
A cry for help.US Competition
Jeron Braxton
World Premiere
A dream within an unconscious boxer in a video game who’s subconscious is a surreal reflection of our modern world.US Competition
Sparrow_300The Sparrow's Flight
Tom Schroeder
A last collaboration with my dead friend Dave Herr.US Competition
Lullaby_300Lullaby Optic
Steve Wood
An abstract work generated by moving lights through multiple video feedback loops, resulting in a catalog of transient electronic forms. A discovery of ordered patterns within chaotic systems. An exploration of what could be captured in-camera, with no additional graphics or color enhancement. Scored with sounds from the NASA archives, and also with recordings of circuit-bent toys. Strobe and flicker warning for sensitive viewers.US Competition
Job, Joris & Marieke
The Netherlands
A woman who can’t have children steals the imaginary friend of a little girl and keeps this a secret from her husband. While the woman enjoys life with her imaginary child the gap between her and her husband grows bigger. When the little girl comes to claim back her imaginary friend, it’s the power of imagination that brings everyone together.Family Competition
First_Snow_300First Snow
by Lenka Ivančíková
Czech Republic
First snow is a fairy tale about the curious little Hedgehog who gets lost in snowy woods and so he heads out for a dangerous adventure to find his den.Family Competition
SummerCampIsland_300Summer Camp Island
by Julia Pott
Oscar has to accept that his totally normal sleepover with Hedgehog isn’t going to be totally normal.Family Competition
very-lonely-cock-300Very Lonely Cock
by Leonid Shmelkov
A hard day in the chicken yard. When the farmer falls asleep on the job, the egg-laying production line goes completely haywire. The chicken takes control and then proceeds to lose it again moments later. Perhaps everything will be better tomorrow.Family Competition
Au_Revoir_Balthazar_300Au Revoir Balthazar
by Rafael Sommerhalder
A scarecrow, a storm, a broken leg. The resonant sound of a sea shell. Leaving forever.Family Competition
by Ivan Maximov
US Premiere
Strange shapes run amok in a city car park. They interfere in each other’s business in the most absurd ways, sit together on a bench and generally get on each other’s nerves.Family Competition
In_a_Cage_300In a Cage
By Loic Bruyere
It’s the story of an encounter: a caged bear who can’t sing meets a little bird who can’t fly but who can sing beautifully. Their friendship will be mutually beneficial and together they will overcome their disabilities.Family Competition
Miriams_Stray_DogMiriam's Stray Dog
by Andres Tenusaar
US Premiere
Miriam and her family are building a snowman. There is a stray dog watching them to do it and who definitely likes the snowman very much. The dog won't leave, though it is very cold. The children bring him inside and construct a nice place from paper-boxes. Hen is the only one who does not share the joy of all others. And the Hen is the one who faces the most anxious moments. The dog's owner shows up in the morning and we shall find out the reason the dog loved the snowman so much. Finally even the Hen relents.Family Competition
Bloop_300Bloop's Birthday
by Julian Glander
World Premiere
Bloop, an odd little pink creature, is eager to celebrate her birthday. She bounces through a mysterious and dazzling 3D acid-pastel landscape to meet her friends, but a hole in the ground gets in the way.Family Competition
JE_NE_SENS_PLUS_RIEN_300Je ne sens plus Rien
by Carl Roosens and Noémie Marsily
US Premiere
This twisting tale with occasional flights of absurdist fantasy is accompanied by a rich soundtrack that captures the confusion of modern life, blending odd sounds, music, and even the voice of Quebec soprano Natalie Choquette.International Showcase
Moms_on_Fire_300Mom's on Fire
by Joanna Rytel
You’ve barely dealt with the arrival of your first child when you become pregnant again by your boring boyfriend. Quite aside from the fact that masturbating when heavily pregnant isn’t really an option, you’re desperate to have sex and enjoy a few drinks. After all, who would opt for no sleep and breastfeeding instead? Luckily, there’s a magic pill that can change everything…International Showcase
TheWildBoar_300The Wild Boar
by Bella Szederkényi
Germany, France, Hungary
"A homeless orphan, an animalistic little kid escapes the big city into the darkness of the woods. It is there that the kid meets a creature mightier than ever imagined.
International Showcase
Three_Fitted_Flies_300Three Fitted Flies
by María Álvarez and Elisa Morais
Summer in a small village in a plain and arid region of central Spain. Prying neighbours, mourning rituals, tediousness, extreme heat and undertones of guilt make a perfect soil for madness. The old woman will try to bring her late husband back by means of twisted rituals.International Showcase
Blind_Vaysha_300Blind Vaysha
by Theodore Ushev
This short film tells the story of Vaysha, a young girl born with one green eye and one brown eye. But colour isn’t the only thing that’s different about Vaysha’s gaze. While her left eye sees only the past; her right sees only the future. Like a terrible curse, Vaysha’s split vision prevents her from inhabiting the present. Blinded by what was and tormented by what will be, she remains trapped between two irreconcilable temporalities. “Blind Vaysha,” they called her. International Showcase
Perfect Town_300Perfect Town
by Anaïs Voirol
World Premiere
"This movie draws an image of a society obsessed with perfection.
A city searches for the impossible state of perfection. Therefore the behavior of its inhabitants gets constantly evaluated until they are eventually dropped out. In an endless cycle the dropouts return to the city too feel the sweet life of belonging to a place where they’re the chosen ones even if its only temporarily. "
International Showcase
Uncanny_Valley_300Uncanny Valley
by Paul Wenninger
In UNCANNY VALLEY, we are at once bombarded by the psychological and physical intensity of a battle fought between desperate soldiers during the first world war. Each frame of this animated live action piece reveals its own painful yet detailed history.International Showcase
LittleGirlStill_300Little Girl
by Steven Subotnick
a little girl rides her bike.International Showcase
9_Chemins_01_3009, Chemin des Gauchoirs
by lyonel Charmette
North American Premiere
Cable cars converted into houses, how fascinating... The shepherd makes sure that nobody’s there, ties his goat to the quay and gets into a luxurious « bathroom cabin ». Vacillating between this unexpected comfort and the ground, he starts feeling at ease, until he meets the place’s real occupants.International Showcase
by Veljko Popovic
"Planemo is a solitary wanderer, a sentinel of the galaxy. It is an orphaned world, a celestial body booted from its solar system by the chaos of planetary migration.
In a society where everyone mindlessly orbits around their daily routines, what happens when a person gets ejected from the system?"
International Showcase
by Alberto Vázquez
The world is a wonderful stage, but its characters are disgraceful.International Showcase
Parade_De_Satie_300Parade de Saite
by Koji Yamamura
A Parade for 3 managers & 4 performers. Mixing quotes from French composer Erik Satie’s essays with the music Parade, this is an animated re-creation of realist ballet images going beyond reality.International Showcase
Absense_of_Eddy_Table_300Absence of Eddy Table
by Rune Spaans
Eddy is lost in a dark foreboding forest. There he meets an alluring girl infected by a mysterious parasite. The two grow very fond of each other, Eddy all the while turning a blind eye to the horror of their circumstances. Ultimately she leads him to a horrifying crossroad.International Showcase
Danny_Boy_300Danny Boy
by Simon Lynen
This is a documentary about Dannyboy. A portrait about failure and disappointment. He's an artist but also an idiot.International Showcase
by Nicolas Brault
Squame explores the body’s sensitive envelope, the skin. The ephemeral animated desquamations, created with the help of sugar casts, evoke fragile landscapes in a world at the edge of abstraction. Somewhere between archeological artifacts and macroscopic observations, the friable frontiers of these human bodies elude our gaze.International Showcase
JAIME_LES_FILLES_300J'aime le Filles
by Diane Obomsawin
US Premiere
First love is an intoxicating experience, but with it can come excruciating awkwardness, unrequited emotions, and confusing issues of identity. In her trademark playful style, Quebec cartoonist and animator Diane Obomsawin, a.k.a. Obom, adapts her latest graphic novel for the screen, using endearing anthropomorphic figures to tell poignant real-life stories of love.International Showcase